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Sunday, October 26 at 2:PM ~ Cold read, prepared song
The Right Place, and original Christmas play with music
two 9 YO (approx.) girls, 1 teen boy, 5 men, 6 women, chorus
(see plays/musicals page for details)


General Audition Information:
We do cold reads from the script for all plays. A photo is taken of every NEW actor for our file. A 1/2 page card will be filled out by actors, with contact info, skills/assets and experience. 
For Musicals expect:
1. Perform a prepared-song (a capella of YOUR choosing, preferably from the show)
2. A cold script read
3. We may teach small dance sequence to be preformed.
Please note: Our theater is inclusionary, we are open to all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, mental or physical challenges, religion, national origin, or life choices/preferences, as is indicated in part by our show photos. We do not discriminate for any reason. We believe in involving everyone who wants experience theater!